Practices for Sale 3 month listing

Practices for Sale 3 month listing

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List your advert to thousands of qualified podiatrists on the Royal College of Podiatry website. 

A limit of 100 words per listing applies (excluding the title) and are text based.

Once you have paid for your listing you will receive a form to complete via instant digital download. A copy will also be sent to your email address. This form must be completed and emailed to the College.  

Terms & Conditions apply:

  1. Advertisements will be uploaded to the RCPod website within two working days of receipt of approved content. Whilst every effort will be made for this timescale to be adhered to, there may be a slight delay on occasion.
  2. Advertisements will be listed on for three months from listing. A maximum of one content change is permitted during this period which must be submitted in writing to
  3. The advertiser may ask the RCPod to remove an advertisement before the three months are up.
  4. RCPod reserves the right to edit advertisements for grammar, spelling, and layout.
  5. RCPod is not responsible for the accuracy or integrity of advertisements.
  6. Classified adverts will be promoted regularly to RCPod members via the weekly newsletter.
  7. Articles for sale listings should contain accurate descriptions of goods listed and must not breach any laws.
  8. Job advertisements must fair and consistent with the RCPod's desire to promote equality. By law they cannot discriminate against any protected characteristics or require membership of a trade union, such as the RCPod, to qualify for a position. These criteria apply for both employed and self-employed roles.
  9. If your advert does not meet these criteria, the RCPod will reserve the right not to publish your submission.